Our Story

There I was relaxing in the swimming pool, praying and enjoying God's presenceThe sun was setting reflecting into the pool. I was suddenly swimming in a sea of rainbows. I was reveling in God's presence, thinking about how He is light and all the spectrum of the rainbow. It felt so personal, so amazing! I felt so loved, so inspired! I thought, God I want to give you the rainbow back. So when people see a rainbow they think about you. I started imagining putting things out on social media then the most amazing thing happened. The idea for a t-shirt company came to mind. It felt like God boomeranged the blessing back to me. I wanted to bless God and He gave me an idea that would bless my family and many others in the process. I started imagining having to give and thinking about the many mission stories I hear and believers I know that want to do great things for God's people. I imagined inspiring Christian's to remember who they are, what they have, and giving them conversation pieces to be a witness, to spread the good news. That is how Shine Brightly Tees & Bits was born. 
Join me in spreading the Good News.

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